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Lana Premium Bar 5800 Puffs



The Lana Premium Bar 5800 Puffs disposable vape is leading the way in the developing vaping market. It is a tribute to innovation in the vaping business with its remarkable battery life, wide variety of flavors, and superior ingredients.


1.0 Features and specification

1.1 Nicotine Strength Options

Lana premium bar 5800 offer 2 nicotine strength version to vaper, which is 30mg/ml (3%) and 50mg/ml (5%). Vaper may choose their favorite nicotine percent. But in Singapore only available nicotine 3% version of lana bar.

1.2 Wide Flavor Variety

Variety is the spice of life, and Lana understands this well. Lana bar 5800 offers over than 25 flavors fruit combinations including fruit, tea, and cream flavors to suit the tastes of vapers.

1.3 High-quality Ingredients

Safety is paramount, so Lana uses only the highest quality ingredients in her disposable vapes. Each puff provides a consistent and satisfying experience, with no unpleasant additives.


2.0 Design and build

2.1 Portable and stylish design

Lana premium bar use ‘BC’ design, but it improved the size to make it thinner than lana bar 5000 version. This make lana bar 5800 more portable and lighter. Vaper can bring it with hassle-free.

2.2 Durable build

With the high qualities materials is used to build lana bar premium. Vapers can use it with confidence without worrying about safety hazards.


3.0 Pros and Cons

3.1 Pros of lana premium bar 5800

3.1.1 Small size device but can support up to 5800 puffs.

3.1.2 Low price, new users can have a lower threshold to join vape.

3.2 Cons of lana premium bar 5800

3.2.1 To reduce the thickness, lana premium bar chooses small capacity battery compare to lana bar 5000. Users need to recharge several times before using up the flavors.


4.0 Usage and Convenience

4.1 Draw-activated technology

It's easy to use Lana Premium Bar 5800 Puffs. Thanks to its draw-activated technology, you may enjoy you vape right away without needing to bother about complicated setups or upkeep.

4.2 No Maintenance Required

Ignoring the need to swap or refill coils. Because Lana Premium Bar is made to be hassle-free, you can concentrate on enjoying the experience, which is what really important.



The Lana Premium Bar 5800 Puffs is the ultimate example of disposable vaping in a world full of options. Lana reimagines what a disposable vape can be with its remarkable battery life, mouthwatering flavours, and steadfast dedication to safety.



Q1. How long does a Lana Premium Bar last?

A1: The Lana Premium Bar offers an impressive 5800 puffs; it can last at least 3-5 days for normal vaper.

Q2. Can I find Lana Premium Bar in Singapore?

Q2: Yes, you can purchase Lana Premium Bar 5800 Puffs at sgvapesgcod. We offer same day delivery service with 0 deposit.

Q3. Is Lana transparent about its ingredients?

Q3: Indeed, Lana is dedicated to being open and clear. Regarding the components that enter making their disposable vaporizers, they offer comprehensive details.

Q4. Can I recycle Lana Premium Bar after use?

Q4: While recycling options may vary depending on your location, Lana provides accurate disposal instructions to ensure correct usage.


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