All About Lana Bar 5000

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All About Lana Bar 5000 Disposable Vape



Lana bar 5000 disposable vape is loved by vapers. Its shape, flavor and flavor are excellent. Let's discuss the specification and features of Lana 5000 puffs.


1.0 Features and Specifications

1.1 Battery Life and capacity

The lana 5000 disposable vape device comes with a 850mAh built-in-battery. The device is rechargeable type because it needs to support up to 5000 puffs.

1.2 Nicotine Strength Options

What vape users are most concerned about is the nicotine content. Lana bar 5000 puffs disposable vape is pre-filled with 7ml flavor e-juice with 30mg/ml, 3% nicotine percent.

1.3 Flavor Varieties

Lana bar 5000 puffs disposable vape offers more than 30 superb flavors to vaper. Most of the lana 5000 user like watermelon strawberry , tie guan tin and super mint flavors. Try more unique flavors at lana blend SE 5000.


2.0 design and build

2.1 Portable and Stylish Design

Lana bar 5000 is designed with ‘Lost Mary’ or we called ‘BC’ shape. This shape makes user easy to store it in pocket or bag with hassle free.

2.2 Durable build

The Lana 5000 consists of top quality materials and is designed to withstand daily use. It won't start coming apart after a few uses, so you won't have to worry.


3.0 Pros and Cons

3.1 Pros of lana bar 5000

3.1.1 The device has big volume capacity which can support up to 5000 puffs.

3.1.1 Compared with other brands, the low price makes it the first choice for new users.

3.2 Cons of lana bar 5000

3.2.1 Lana 5000 needs recharge at least 2 times to finish the juice. Some user does not like rechargeable type disposable device. You can try lana 2000 non rechargeable device.

3.2.2 The taste will become light if user cannot finish it within 14 days. This is because the device is exposed to air for a long time, causing the taste to become thinner.



Lana bar 5000 disposable vape is a user-friendly device to new and exist user. Lana 5000 price, design and flavor make it become popular in Singapore market. If you are looking for a portable, cold flavors and low-cost device, lana bar 5000 will be a good choice.



Q1:Can I recharge lana bar 5000 disposabe vape?

A1:Yes, you need recharge the device at least 2 times to finish the e-juice.

Q2:What coil is used in lana bar disposable vape?

A2: The mesh coil is used in lana bar.

Q3:Can I refill the lana bar 5000 disposable vape?

A3:No, the device is comes with pre-filled e-juice and it is non-refillable. You may harm the device if try to do so.

Q4: Where can I buy lana bar 5000 in Singapore?

A4: Vape shop sgvapesgcod is providing lana bar 5000 in Singapore. You can click here to check flavor options.

Q5: Any smaller size or volume lana disposable vape except lana bar 5000?

A5: Yes, you can try out lana pen 2000 which is same taste with lana bar 5000 but with smaller size.


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